India's First 54 Acres Organised Mix-Land-Use Hill Development Project At The Height Of 6510 Ft. Above Mean Sea Level (MSL)

Initially conceived as a mountain retreat by the British, Shimla's colonial charm with its sloping roofed timbered cottages, elegant salons and a mall road with its little shops and buildings in Tudor, Victorian and Edwardian styles as stylish as any London high street, made it the playground of the rich and powerful in the British era.

In its heydays, Shimla vied for its place with the numerous global luxury destinations and this legacy lived through the ages, long after the British had left the country. The gateway to the beautiful and blessed Himachal Pradesh, Shimla still sparks memories of a cherished family holiday for most Indian families.

Luxury Reimagined

Luxury is not just about materialistic pleasures
Is as simple as plucking an apple from a tree.

  • Fresh water right from the lap of nature is a luxury.
  • Fresh fruit from your personal garden is a luxury.
  • Fresh air is a luxury.
  • A personal glass room to enjoy snowfall & star-gazing is a luxury.
  • Natural light and energy is a luxury.
  • Walking down hand-in-hand through nature trails is a luxury.

Founder Visionaries


Mr. Yashpal Agnihotri
Founder & CMD

Mr. Agnihotri is a stalwart with an experienceof over a decade in the field of Real Estate. Each project under his wing has been executed with a resilient commitment to delivering only the best without compromising on ethics or integrity. His knowledge and experience in the fields of Construction and Infrastructure have always been indispensable in all of Amila Group's endeavours.


Mr. Yogesh Kaushik

The true flagbearer of the Amila Group brand name, Mr. Kaushik has been engaged with the brand as one of the key promoters since 2006. Right from the administration to the finance, he has cultivated this brand as his own. Eyeing for best in whatever he does, he brings a great deal of expertise on the table.


Mr. Manpreet Singh

Mr. Singh is the hands-on orchestrator of everything that the brand sets out to do. A spirited entrepreneur through and through, he brings passion and practicality to the table owing to his years of experience in Real Estate, and other industries.


Ms. Gunjan Agnihotri

An M.B.A. graduate from Singapore, Ms. Gunjan joined Amila in 2014 as the Executive Director. During her initial days she extensively planned and launched the Amila Finishing Lounge for the next generation of homemakers. With her hard work and dedication she surged to the position of managing marketing activities and strategies in the company. Ever since, she has given the Group's strategy a new direction.

Luxury Property In Simla

Land consolidation of Amila Hills started.


Started ecological studies on Air, Earth, Water and Light by the best.


Various environmental licences were granted for the construction of Amila Hills.


Hotel construction was started.


RERA approval was received for Residential Phase I of Amila Hills.


First Phase of Residential Constriction Started.