Though this is Amila Group’s first development, and other developers like DLF, etc. have a vast history in real estate, this factor alone should not be the only criteria for a buyer to select a development in the hills. The following points give an outline of the key aspects that makes Amila Hills incomparable:

  • While having a villa or apartment in the hills either as a individual unit or as part of a small project in isolation sounds comfortable, the ground realities of living unsupported makes the experience less than desirable. Right from depending on public infrastructure for resources like water, traffic management, parking, electricity, permissions and administrative interventions etc.
  • Amila Hills when complete will be a mini self contained city in itself, of 600+ residential units spread around 60 acres minus the congestion, clutter and pollution compared to other hill destinations. Also at the apex, a world class spa resort with sprawling amenities will add an extra dash of desirability as a premium location for a leisure home.
  • Amila Hills will not just feature luxury apartments and villas, it will also encompass a top notch clubhouse with dining, banquets and sports facilities, a high street with fine dining restaurants, coffee shop, department stores, salons, bookshops and library, clinics and medical stores and even a helipad on site for convenience and recreation.
  • The residential units of Amila Hills would be comprised of • Studio Apartments • One Bedroom Apartments • Two Bedroom Apartments • Four Bedroom Villas

    At Amila we believe that a luxurious experience should not be limited by size alone. So the premium quality of fit and finish will remain high class and uniform across the different units, only distinguished by size of the floor plates based on customers individual requirements.

    Amila Hills brings a new vision to real estate and hospitality business. Our core philosophy is about respect and regard for all elements involved, right from the land to the people. Hence we ensure that in whatever we do, we will not compromise on these values - be it pursuing an environmentally sensitive and sustainable development model, or being completely honest and transparent in our dealings with our customers, vendors and partners. We would take the hard path, that of truthfulness and consciousness..

    The Promoters come with a long background in land consolidation and land banking. They have extensive experience in acquiring land along with the requisite legal and administrative clearances and have built land portfolios of many prestigious real estate developers.

    Once the residential units are handed over possession to the rightful owners, an RWA will take over the day to day management and ownership of the maintenance and other administrative activities of the development through a dedicated property management agency.

    Since this is a property is freehold, the owners are free to sell their units to anyone else.

    As a legal rightful owner, the owner has all legal rights as per the law of the land.

    This would be subject to concurrence and approval of the laws constituted by the RWA members. If the RWA objects then the owners might have to abide by the rules and the decorum expected of the residents in the township.

    The project is registered with the Town and Country Planning Department who has already issued NOC/approval for construction of building to the seller, any citizen of India including an OCI and legal entity registered in India under any law in force for the time being.

    The entire area is in a low population density zone and with lesser impact on the local population. The development is expected to bring employment opportunities to the local population and also additional support in the form of resources like planned horticulture and hillside farming plus a strong water storage and management system.

    For so many years people have suffered due to unscrupulous methods of a large number of builders who have indulged in questionable and unethical practices. These have put consumers and investors in great misery in terms of unfulfilled commitments, delays and great financial losses. Taking cognisance of this, the government has drafted The Real Estate Regulators Act (RERA) with stringent conditions to secure consumer interests. Every real estate developer now needs to operate under these regulations, including penalties for delays and missing other contractual obligations. Amila Hills stands by the provisions of the RERA act and will abide by them in all the steps of the development. Unlike other over leveraged developers with stretched portfolios of incomplete projects, Amila Hills is Amila’s first project hence all the focus and energies would remain in making this project a great success by channeling resources, finances and efforts into it. Another big advantage is that the project land is completely debt free with clear title and permissions, and the common infrastructure development is completely underwritten by the promoters from their internal accruals.

    The property would be delivered as per timelines prescribed by the RERA act.

    All approvals required for buildings and masterplan are in place

    The land is owned by Amila Group and is sale-able as freehold units to the its buyers.

    For a project of this scale, there are many clearances required like No Objections certificates from as much as 15 government departments. All of this including the permission under section 118 have been taken under a mega projects scheme approval from the Government of Himachal Pradesh.

    The construction of the property will be as per all prevalent rules and regulations of the state.resort related

    Until possession is handed over to the residents welfare association, which will be formed once requisite number of residents have taken over possession, the property will be managed by a leading property management agency who could continue with the RWAs mandate post the complete handover happens.

    All the inspections and verifications have been done and the required approvals like the license from the town and country planning department have been obtained. The license number has been mentioned in all the important documents. Incase one needs to physically verify, they can contact the marketing office for details.

    The welfare and upliftment of the local population of villages around the property will be one of the key endeavours, hence this project would provide employment opportunities for the locals and also the proximity of Shimla ensures that good trained employment is always available depending on the demand.

    The cancellation would be as per the terms and conditions stated in the builderbuyer agreement.

    For a project of this scale, location and magnitude, a large number of technical and environmental considerations have been taken into account which are based on the natural topography, solar insolation, wind patterns and earthquake suitability. These are the overriding considerations that have been prioritised over other personal beliefs and practices.

    The reason to go for a large scale project was to address these very issues. The question of sustainable development in the hills were until now unaddressed on a large scale. Sustainability approach was done on piecemeal basis on smaller projects or on individual basis, but real benefit can only happen with fully planned, self-supporting township, such as Amila Hills.

    The development has been planned taking this fact into cognisance hence a water management plan that includes an independent reservoir network has been planned which will ensure ample water supply for the project and if required will be able to supplement the local needs in times of necessity.

    The project will be self-sustaining and hence all steps would be taken to reduce all dependablities on local resources which includes power, water and other aspects.

    The location is connected to all-weather government motorable roads which would be managed by the state public works departments and their associate bodies. In case of emergencies, the availability of a dedicated helipad on-site and associated helicopter services will be available to guests and residents.

    The planning and construction have been made to conform or exceed the norms and requirements mandated for Seismic Zone IV and V.

    The strict environmental rules in Himachal state that no tree be cut down for any development work. This is a big deterrent for projects of this size anywhere in the state. Hence this is a huge advantage the site possesses. Once the construction of permanent structures are done then a strong afforestation drive would be conducted as per a comprehensive landscaping plan. This will convert the entire hill side into dense green belt comprising of a variety of native species like pines, deodars, oaks and also have stepped plantations, horticultural and floricultural nurseries, organic farms and apple orchards. The landscaping also take into account the ecological balance and resource intensiveness like water requirement and upkeep to keep it as neutral and low impact on environment and resources.

    The warranty on the constructed units would be covered as per the regulations and directives set by the upcoming RERA regulations and the developer would strictly adhere to the rules set by the regulators.

    All units would be delivered ready with hard interiors, ready to furnish status. Options would be made available for customers seeking customised furnishing through nominated service partners who offer these professional services and the customer can choose from the options offered by them.

    The detailed site and unit plans are available which clearly demarcate the carpet area available and the gross area which includes walls and certain common areas. These will be shared to all interested as per the regulations of the RERA regulations.

    The detailed site and unit plans are available which clearly demarcate the carpet area available and the gross area which includes walls and certain common areas. These will be shared to all interested as per the regulations of the RERA regulations.

    The general area maintenance would be shared by the residents on pro rata basis, depending on the size of their units.

    These would be managed by professional agencies appointed by the company, who will draw up the tenant/retailer mix and shortlist service providers who would be appointed after a multi level screening due diligence process and detailed tendering to ensure optimum representation of services and reflect the needs of the residents.

    The entire project would be energy efficient and multiple redundancies built into it to ensure there is 100% backup of power and communications at all times.

    The Resort property would be designed and executed to LEED platinum standards which qualifies itself on multiple levels that include Sustainable Sites, Water Efficiency, Energy & Atmosphere, Materials & Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality and Innovation in Design.

    The planning of the resort and the units take into account the natural factors that aid temperature maintenance throughout the seasons, keeping energy requirements very low. Usage of new age materials that keep into account insulation and efficiency in building, electricals and plumbing lines.

    The project would have a fully operational dispensary and pharmacy for basic medical emergencies and regular checks would be networked with a prominent medical chain.

    There is a police post near the vicinity that would be manned by beat police officers who would be in direct and constant touch with the security personnel at the property.

    The comprehensive landscaping planned takes into account these natural phenomenon and enough buffers and breakpoints would be planned to ensure that such occurrences pose no threat to residents and guests.

    The effective perimeter security, systems and process in place would provision for such incidents.